About me

Mark Salvin Portrait Picture

I graduated in June 2012 from the University of Southampton within the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), which is a "five star" research School in both Computer Science and Electronics, as well as having the maximum grades in teaching quality. While studying here, I developed a broad range of skills, including but not limited to becoming proficient in Java, gaining experience in C/C++ and Scheme, gaining experience in software development methodologies and learning about professional and legal issues within the field of software development.

Starting in September 2012, I was working full time at Refresh Mobile (Mippin) with the job title of Developer, specialising in mobile, with my main focus being on native BlackBerry 10 (Qt/Cascades) app development as well as HTML5 web app development for iOS, Firefox OS and Tizen.

I have recently relocated back to the UK after living abroad in Australia on a one year working holiday visa (living in Sydney). I spent several months working as a Front End Web Developer/Web UI designer for a company called nearmap (May 2014 - August 2014). I then worked as a freelancer for several months, before spending some time as a contractor at Vivant (November 2014 - March 2015). I finished off my time there with a few travels and am now back in the UK. If you'd like to hire me then please get in touch via the hire me/contact me page!

My most notable achievements include entering and winning first place in 2010 for the Vodafone AppStar compeition (in the UK round) with my HTML5/Jil app called Jogger Tracker, my third year project at University which involved creating a basic desktop publishing system on the web that allowed users to collaborate in real time (built on Node.js), and having two paid apps live in BlackBerry World (Hide My Pictures and Sleep Sounds which have several thousand downloads between them).

In my spare time when I'm not developing I enjoy going to the gym and playing sport, listening to music, watching TV shows and films, and going out with friends.